about severini associati + partners

Severini Associati + Partners is an architectural firm born in the late 90s in Tolentino, in the heart of Italy, with the purpose of bringing together complementary discipline such as urban and interior design, architecture, project management and structural and infrastructural engineering.
The company has developed itself in a relatively short time, but despite this it was involved in several projects both in public and private market: business and commercial district, health facilities, resort, residential complex and prestigious villas. Thanks to its large range of skills, which makes the planning division an intellectual and open minded environment, the practice is able to offer high quality and great cutting-edge solutions.
The design thinking settles on experience, on research, on making architecture starting from the thought that there is a close and inseparable relationship between architecture and city planning, between architecture and man who lives there and makes it alive.
The architecture is able to generate an order on the urban development and this seems be the common thread of the entire team experience. Following this logic we mention the recovery project of Staveco area in Bologna (strategic area near the historic centre), the new business district in Ancona and finally the redevelopment (and improvement) of Area Pace in Tolentino. The authoritative collaborations include ALITALIA Group (project for the new center for pilots school – Rome), LUBE Group (new headquarter), Infrastructures for Ministerial Ents, Penthause Real Estate Society etc. Very important is the collaboration with Giometti Real Estate Group, leader in film distribution, for whom we developed a new multiplex cinema concept already opened in most cities: Multiplex Cinema Prato 14 screens, Multiplex Cinema 6 screens Palacongressi Riccione, Multiplex Cinema Tolentino 7 screens etc.
The deepening of issues concerning public spaces brings us to the collaboration with Poltrona Frau Group for the creation of new armchairs collection for cinema, auditorium and theatre, which become part of the catalogue of this prestigious brand. Interesting also the recent collaboration with Juventus Football Club Real Estate for the studies for retraining of Continassa Area in Torino finalized to the realization of the new Juventus Village.
The group, strong today of the twenty-year professional collaboration with various partner and a new generation of professionals, begin a new complete organization that gather all skills needed for the integrated development of a project.