Ubaldo Severini, architect

Degree in architecture at the University of Firenze in 1979. He enriches the team with his wide professional skills, which spread through different fields of architecture.
He has a specific background into architectural projects, but since the Eighties, he dealt with territory planning and had functions of coordination of public departments which rule the Territory Order.
He starts an experimental path, strong of a cultural attitude of the time that does not distinguish the architect from the urban planner. This cultural position will be the basis of all his work.
In the first twenty years of his career he has covered most important roles and this granted him the participation into several meetings as an expert into such specific subjects.
His skills in the Territory Planning, resulted in being very relevant into his professional career of architectural project, for the possibility to carry out and study the different components which contribute to complete a project.
Such components are crucial factors in the market analysis for private and groups. The first projects for the Public Administration, allowed him to experiment successfully an unconditioned architectural composition. Important in this period was the project for the business district of ASL9 of Regione Marche (today Agency of revenue) that enshrines the meeting with the great sculptor Umberto Mastroianni; In this phase it begin a collaboration that becomes an intellectual and professional exchange which will affect part of his next production.Consequently he was in charge for projects as: public and health administration structures, cultural centers, university infrastructures, commerce and trade centers, etc.
In the late 90s he set up Severini Associati + Partners Studio that will count soon on collaboration with different partners and professionals, even today concretely committed to achieve the same result guaranteeing competence and professionalism.

Viviana Severini, architect

Degree in architecture at Politecnico di Milano, successively specialized in Architectural Design, at University Roma3 in Rome with a thesis in “Architectural and energetic redevelopment of Existing Building – The case of a School”; This theme remain basic for the develop of her profession.
During her studies she was fallen in love for the art in each its many facets. The Art is, in fact, poetry, gesture, painting, picture but also an architectural space.
Her academic path intersects since the beginning the professional one and this allows her the possibility to concretely touch the results of her research.
The curiosity is what drives her to deal every project with passion and self-critical making, trying to combine always the functionality and beauty to create a good architecture.
After some professional experiences during which she specialized herself in graphic and communicative presentation of the architectural design (2d, 3D, Rendering and graphic), since 2009 she becomes part of the Severini Associati + Partners Studio. She collaborated right away to important designs, architectural and executive, and to the construction site managing. These experiences allowed her to quickly develop an important awareness for the project management and of the various stages of implementation.
Today She is responsible of the architectural and interior design, even taking care of the various phases of the construction site and of the project management.