The professional understanding that born by the union of different experiences make this group able to support the architectural project with an all-round approach. Working together from the concept to the complete construction we get a wholly integrated design solution, managed from the beginning considering and developing all the aspects of the design process; Urban planning, architecture, design, structural and infrastructural design and project management are indeed design components referable to this group. These expertises make it a complete firm able to deal with each work with right method and with the same creativity and passion.

urbanistica severini associati

Urban Planning

We believe in a close relationship between Urban Planning and Architecture. We read a project before by the urban point of view and then for its architectural value. The ability to look the contest, understanding how our works can change it or strengthen it, is really exciting. This process go through a careful study of the cities and the urban instruments that allow us to planning the developing of a cities or a community.
The great knowledge of urban theme allows us to be conscious consultants and designers with a closer look on the future develop of the needs and the problems of a community.
By setting specific goals and building consensus, we can ensure a successful process from design to the construction.

architettura severini associati


Our architecture is inspired the attention and knowledge of the international style mixed with our cultural heritage.
Severini Associati + Partners’s design solutions result from the using of our traditional materials combined with the willingness to experiment and innovate by offering sought solutions and new creative points of view.
The quality of the built environment, be it a house or an office, a commercial space or an urban scale project, directly influences the quality of our life. For this reason we believe it is essential to tackle each project with intellectual honesty and professional ethics to create a truly sustainable product, without renouncing the aesthetic research of the final result.

project management severini associati

Project Management

Our team provides the complete management of the project, from concept through construction. This expertise allows us to give a general service that includes consultancy, programme and resource management, budgeting and costs management, contract management and administration. Planning each phase of the design process is certainly the best way to obtaining an high quality product maintaining budget.

ingegneria severini associati


The achievement of a sustainable and controlled product in each phase of the design process needs of a perfect integration of architecture and engineering. This kind of management of the project has benefits for architecture and its costs and timing of its construction. For this reason the Studio, since its foundation, makes use the collaboration with top-level partners for the structural and infrastructural design.
We have the important contribution of SEIPRO, structural civil and specialist construction engineering consultancy based in Rome, with assets of many works (structural design and site assistance of Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, structural design and site assistance for Museum of Ara Pacis, hangars design etc.). The director of Seipro and our person in charge for the structural design is Eugenio Mancinelli engineer.

industrial design severini associati

Industrial Design

All that is inside a building or that characterizes a space is as important as that building or that space. We design each detail with the same attention we use to design a residential building, a multiplex cinema or an urban space.
Most of our design products have been thought in response to a particular project or a particular client but our design team develops also products for the industrial design for important brand like the new concept of cinema armchair Serie 815 for the Poltrona Frau Group.

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Design Support

Drawing is the best way of communication. The new technologies like 3D modelling, rendering and BIM make this process faster and more intuitive. Developing digitally the space they become an indispensable tool for the correct design process and still before for the complete comprehension of the project by the client. The design, communication and visualization team works closely with the architects and engineers becoming an integral part of the design process, realizing models and images from the concept phase. This material will be developed together until the final product.

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